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Exhibition: Peder Winstrup – stories about a 17th century mummy

Peder Winstrup

Utställning, 350-årsjubileum

The Peder Winstrup exhibition will be translated into English.

Join us as we visit Lund in the 1600s and get to know Peder Winstrup. Peder Winstrup was Bishop of Lund with many strings to his bow: professor of physics, royal chaplain, antiquarian, architect, author, theologian, printer, initiator of Lund University and tourist guide – a true renaissance man.

338 years after his death, he received international attention as one of the best preserved mummies in Europe. The exhibition provides insight into the widely acclaimed medical and archaeological studies of his well-preserved body, clothing and coffin.

Follow the step-by-step examination of the mummy, read his extended medical history and see his unique funeral attire.

Study the finds retrieved from the coffin, including a Devil’s coin, the Bishop’s dentures and the oldest plant louse in the country. Become fascinated by the concealed foetus and scented pillows. The mattress and pillows contained a rich diversity of plant and insect materials which testify of the Bishop’s own herb garden and granary.

Step into Kraftstorg square in 1658. Here you have the opportunity to enter into a reconstructed 3D world and see how Peder Winstrup lived and spent his days in the heart of Lund. Activate the gaming feature and become a messenger who is to deliver wine to the Bishop’s dinner with King Karl X Gustav. Peder Winstrup is the city’s earliest known tourist guide – read about the legend of Finn the giant as told by the Bishop. Find out about the enormous inventory of the estate left behind by the wealthy Bishop.

In the exhibition you will find several items associated with Winstrup, including newly discovered portraits, a significant silver jug, books and a strange cane.

This exhibition is part of the Culture Week Live at Lundagård, which takes place between 8 to 14 May.
Live at Lundagård

2017-05-06 12:00 till 2018-01-28 16:00
Historiska museet, Kraftstorg 1, Lund

Om händelsen

2017-05-06 12:00 till 2018-01-28 16:00
Historiska museet, Kraftstorg 1, Lund

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